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Specialising In Employment Law

Expert Advice With A Pragmatic Approach

How We Can Help

Employment legislation can change regularly, and with continuously developing case law, having an expert to provide up-to-date advice on your legal obligations is paramount.

When Working With Clients We:

Provide employment law advice and advocacy at an exceptional standard

Listen and take the time to understand your needs

Focus on delivering practical employment law advice & support

We Have Extensive Legal Experience In:

Performance management


Disciplinary Issues

COVID Compliance

Authority Hearings

Payroll queries

ACC & The Holidays Act

Personal Grievances

Parental-leave issues

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Our focus has always been finding clients the best solution possible.

It’s about the person and the best possible outcome, considering the law. Instead of advising on what you cannot do to fix a problem, we endeavour to provide advice on how best to achieve the solution you need.



Can my employer dismiss me if I refuse to be vaccinated?

See the latest information on vaccines on the Employment New Zealand website.

What do I do if I'm not getting paid properly?

  • I'm not getting paid at all?
  • I'm not getting paid my usual pay?
  • I'm a casual worker. My hours are being cut, so I'm not being paid?

My employer is getting the wage subsidy but not giving it to me, or they are getting the subsidy and only giving me the subsidy not my usual pay.

If your employer doesn't communicate with you and doesn't pay you fairly, you should contact the Early Resolution Service at Employment New Zealand. They are a free service who can help you resolve a workplace issue early, quickly, and informally.